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What is the Bridge2Fortune® Academy all about?

I created the Bridge2Fortune® Academya to help people to successfully invest their money themselves and to build up a fortune with patience and common sense!

It does not matter if one wants to be financially independent, retire early and/or with more money or if one wants to provide for the education of ones children.

With the Bridge2Fortune® Academy, everyone can learn how to invest smart in stocks.

It's not about getting rich fast. And it's also not about speculation in high-risk asset classes such as crypto currencies, binary options, commodities, derivatives, and so on.

It's about showing people how to invest successfully in COMPANIES that will continue to grow in the years to come and thus increase the money as investors / owners.

  • How to choose the right company? Of which one better leaves his fingers off!
  • How to deal with the ups and downs of the market? How to deal with all the opinions of so-called gurus?
  • How to invest in a simple way so that one becomes successful as an investor despite working 9-5?
  • How to reduce the risk and still get an above average return?
  • How to evaluate a company and buy it at a bargain which increases the return?
  • ......

As a value investor with over 25 years of stock market experience, people benefit from all that I've learned over time and, of course, from the knowledge of many big investors, including Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Seth Klarman and Howard Marks. Philip Fisher, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Monish Pabrai and, and, and!

Our affiliate program is free and without obligation.

There is no minimum sales, no membership fees, no fine print, no hooks or anything the like that.

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The Secret of Ignoring

Not always hearing and knowing everything can be a decisive advantage at the stock market. To hide the noise of the market and to pursue your own ideas often promises greater success.

Learn more about this product: The Secret of Ignoring

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The Secret of Independence

At the stock exchange, doing what everyone else is doing, is not the way to permanently success . Making independent decisions is not easy, but indispensable to have long-term success.

Learn more about this product: The Secret of Independence

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The Secret of Simplicity

Simplicity is often the key to success. Investing on the stock exchange does not always have to be complicated. Behind this simple principle lies the chance to build up a fortune.

Learn more about this product: The Secret of Simplicity

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The Secret of Security

Losing money on the stock market is the great fear of shareholders. It's the goal to keep the risk as low as possible. What increases your security and how to deal with risk, you will learn here.

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The Secret of Knowledge

Knowledge is power or value. The more you know, the better the decisions. Behind the concept of knowledge lies more than just the elaboration of literatures.

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The 5 Secrets of Intelligent Investing

Intelligent Investing on the stock market is of crucial importance for long-term success. The 5 "SECRETS OF INTELLIGENT INVESTING" create the necessary conditions for you to act on the stock market successfully.

Behind the 5 secrets hide the secrets listed above as a combined purchase.

Learn more about this product: The 5 Secrets of Intelligent Investing

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