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How to see the world as a value investor!

Value Investing - higher return with lower risk!

"Minimizing the downside risk while maximizing the upside is a powerful concept." Monish Pabrai "The greater the potential for reward in the value portfolio, the less risk there is." Warren Buffett MOST PEOPLE ASSUME THAT HIGHER RETURNS CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED WITH HIGHER RISKS - BUT THAT'S...


Bitcoin - avoid this pain!

„The dumbest reason in the world to buy a stock is because it's going up!“ Warren Buffett „There's no such thing as a good idea regardless of price!“ Howard Marks „Bitcoin reaches new all-time high!“ (FAZ 12.12.2017) „Bitcoin unstoppable“ (Handelsblatt 07.12.2017) „Bitcoin starts...


Who doesn't invest - LOSES

For several years now, we have been living in a low-interest trap. Although you can lend money on favorable terms, you can hardly get interest on overnight money and treasury bonds. This is really hard for the German savers, because they are highly risk averse and most of their savings are put...


Investors mistakes: Why investment mistakes are no mistakes at all?

According to a recent study, private investors are lagging far behind the return of the overall market. While the market achieved an annual return of 8.7%, the return on the portfolio of private investors was only 3.1%. This I have recently read in a German daily newspaper. The article...


Why gold is not a safe haven?

Gold - what a facility! A safe haven for our hard earned money. The only viable currency in times of crisis. And crisis is always somehow. And it also looks beautiful when it shines so brightly in the sun. Gold does not look any better than that. Because "gold is only once meaningless"...


Efficient Markets - Why they're a Fairy Tale!

"Financial markets are efficient. All available information has already been entered. For this reason, no market participant is able to achieve permanently above-average profits." If this is true, why are some of the greatest investors making so much money with their investments in the stock...